Who are Cordato Partners?

We are a boutique law firm situated in the Sydney CBD.
We love to help businesses grow, to recover money and to protect businesses against attacks by outsiders. We help businesses with premises leases, business loans and recovering debts. And when it’s all too hard, we go to Court to either settle disputes or for Court orders. If the business is a tour operator, travel agency, hotel, resort, cruise line or airline, our special travel law expertise will provide the best advice and solutions.
We love to help people buy and sell houses and home units and property investors grow their property portfolios. Whether it’s tenancy law, commercial leases, strata law and disputes, shops, vendor finance, property options, commercial property, property development, joint ventures, co-ownership, property taxes and property loans, we add value to your conveyancing transactions. And that’s not to forget, we look after property disputes.
We love to look after you personally. We look after the four ‘life’ boxes you must tick: a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney, an Enduring Guardianship, and Superannuation. Then there are ‘death’ issues: Probates, Will Disputes and Testamentary Trusts. At home, there are co-ownership disputes, tree and hedge disputes between neighbours, asset protection using trusts and caveats, and travel law claims

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Business service testimonials

Have been cruising around your site and like the clear explanations of each strategy that you give.

We are just in the process of doing our first Deposit Finance Deal.


Chris and Rex

Cordato Partners were masterful at protecting our company's interests and we couldn't be happier with Tony's advice,
knowledge in commercial law, and how unflinching he is when the going gets tough.

Kathryn Landreau Director - Cl@rity Pty Ltd

Thank you Tony for your prompt replies and advise with my travel refund issues.

You were very helpful and gave me the confidence to persevere with a positive result for me.

I would definitely recommend contacting Tony Cordato.

Patricia Pase