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At Cordato Partners, lawyers headed by Anthony Cordato, solicitors and staff work hard to provide a wide range of legal advice to business clients, property clients, and travel, tourism and hospitality clients based upon an understanding of the workings of these industries. The legal advice and legal work done is tailored to the client's specific requirements, is authoritative and cost effective. At Cordato Partners we also provide legal advice to private and non-business clients, to deal with a wide variety of legal problems.

We adopt a practice of briefing external counsel (also known as barristers) to assist in specialist advice and in litigation. We also engage and like to work with experts such as architects, accountants, engineers, town planners and builders as and when required.

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Business Law Articles:

  • It's not unfair to dismiss an employee who has been under-performing
  • Is there anything you can do to stop a law suit by a $2 company from going ahead?
  • Are you debt collecting?
  • ASIC cracks down on irresponsible lending practices for consumer credit
  • Finks folly - there is (almost) no consumer protection for business loans
  • Marketing law – Not everything is fresh today!
  • Joint Ventures for business
  • Names and Logos
  • Buying and selling a business
  • Has another business started using your name? What can/must you do to stop them?

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Property Law Articles:

  • How Airbnb is empowering Boutique Hotels and B&Bs to build their business
  • Are you thinking about using Airbnb to save some travel money? Or are you looking for extra income from your rental property?
  • Without liability insurance, home owners are exposed to million dollar law suits
  • Are you liable if a visitor slips or trips when entering your property?
  • Joint Venture agreements with money partners (investors) for real estate investment
  • The effect of the GST upon real estate
  • How does property fit into superannuation?
  • Tree disputes between neighbours
  • Vendor finance for properties
  • Should you sell the family home when your parents move to an aged care home
  • How liable are you if a visitor slips or trips when entering your property?

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Marketing Law Articles:

  • Is a $6 million fine too low for falsely labelling Nurofen packets?
  • What happens to the seller if the oregano you buy is 50% olive leaf?
    Food distributors and sellers need to be very careful to ensure that the label accurately describes the product in the package. If not, the consumer watchdog will take action.
  • Advertising free offers. There’s no such thing as a free bet in Australia.
  • Nurofen Specific Pain Range tablets have the same active ingredient
  • How the Nurofen Specific Pain Range marketing strategy was undone as misleading by the ACCC
  • Not Everything Is Fresh Today
  • Coles fined 3 cents per loaf

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Travel Law Articles:

  • If a travel agent books an international flight, are they legally liable if they fail to advise the visa requirements for the flight destination?
  • Australian domestic airlines agree to an ‘opt in’ model for extra charges
  • How Airbnb is empowering Boutique Hotels and B&Bs to build their business
  • Is lunch included in my all inclusive tour price?
  • Are you a target for consumer claims?
  • Travel Insurance - an overview
  • Travel law and the hazards of air travel
  • Hazards of travel insurance
  • More travel insurance pitfalls
  • Visas and passports can be costly!
  • Just how suitable is that tour?
  • It pays to double-check availability!

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